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Pratsam Reader Voice

Pratsam Reader Voice

Use your voice to access your accessible content

Pratsam Reader Voice is a service enabling libraries, organizations and companies to provide end users with audio content on Google Assistant-enabled devices. The service supports accessible formats such as DAISY for the visually impaired and other print disabled.

Pratsam Reader voice is available with Google Assistant-enabled players such as smart speakers, smartphones, headphones, smart displays, smart televisions and more. This means that only your voice is needed to access books and to control the player. 

Features supported are:

  • Playback of books and newspapers
  • Hands-free operation via voice UI
  • Select books in the bookshelf
  • Resume from previous position
  • Adjust playback speed
  • Browse sections in the book
  • Add, select and delete bookmarks

Check out our videos of the Pratsam Reader Voice service features on Youtube:

Supports DAISY and other accessible formats

Google Assistant is already integrated in over 1 billion devices worldwide. The Pratsam Reader Voice-service enables talking book libraries and other organizations to make their content accessible to Google Assistant users.

The Pratsam Reader Voice-service supports playback of DAISY and other accessible formats. 

Connect to your own bookshelf

By calling for the service specific to your library, enabled by Pratsam Reader Voice, the assistant will connect at your request and make your bookshelf available instantly.

Pratsam has developed a proof-of-concept for a service and is continuing the development together with a test group while looking for cooperation with an organization or a company interested in launching a service. 

Public demo

A public demo is available at and two sample DAISY-books are available in the bookshelf for testing purposes. Open the demo with the phrase "Ok Google, talk to Pratsam Reader Voice".

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